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Aniprotein, food for animals, is a company that sells animal proteins and fats for the manufacture of animal food.

We are the result of a family vision dedicated to animal and plant production for over 100 years. This experience has allowed us to feel closely the reality of the field and bring solutions for the environment, human capital and profitability.

In Aniprotein we have a real connection to the past and its teachings. We create a culture of respect, peace and progress, which is reflected in our employees.

Our goal is to create and strengthen relations and strategic partnerships between the company, its customers and its suppliers; offering the best products, quality services, customer service and a competitive price.

We believe and practice social responsibility with every stakeholder that the work with. We also look forward to build strong connections in the long term in order to achieve win-win situations.


Our products have the best quality in the market, they are the most stable and guarantee better results. We have a team of experts always available to guide you and clear questions about anything you need.

At Aniprotein we are in continuous innovation of processes and products, which allows us to concentrate on our customers.

All of Aniprotein’s business lines are sustainable, our company’s carbon footprint is negative, which allows us to innovate in recycling and also people’s health.

WHOLE CHICKEN POULTRY MEAL: Its a product that comes from laying birds that fulfill their production cycle, its final result is a highly digestible, low ash and very palatable flour, with proteins above 67%.

PREMIUM POULTRY MEAL 65/14 : A premium product, thanks to its continuous cooking process the amino acids remain intact, achieving excellent results. High availability and because of its great nutritional balance makes it the favorite in the market. The product is processed without pen which also increases its digestibility.

POULTRY MEAL 60/20: This product is highly digestible with major contributions of calcium and phosphorus. Has immediate availability and is an excellent alternative for all animal species. The product is processed without pen, which increases its digestibility.

PORK MEAL 55: Exclusive product, high in protein, ideal for any species, competes in price with soy paste. A consistent and standardized product, widely used in all species.

HYDROLYZED FEATHER MEAL: It is made on an independent line that only processes pen. It hydrolyzes the protein to 100%, which results in a very high, digestible protein.

PORCINE BLOOD MEAL: product of high protein levels. It has a high digestibility and palatability. Several months a year the product has lower prices than soy paste, which makes it very attractive for its use in all type of species.

PREMIUM POULTRY GREASE: Premium product of excellent quality and obtained under strict quality standards. Everything chicken sourced is destined for human consumption.

BOVINE FLOUR: We have 100% bovine product and also a mixture with porcino, digestibility superior to the competition, consistent and standardized, its price makes it attractive for all type of animal. This product is processed in exclusive bovine plants. Its sale is prohibited for ruminants.