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We Care
Integrated Policy

– o Our policy is to conduct our business as safely and responsibly with the environment, offering the best conditions of health and wellness to all our employees.

Environmental Sustainability

– Our carbon footprint is negative; this helps to make a better world.
– When using our products, our customers reduce their dependence on extensive field crops, improving the utilization of existing production systems and performance.
– The water used is the minimum possible and we strive every day to reduce its use.
– Recycling is a fundamental part of our company.

Task Force

– The Aniprotein family is strong for its diversity and respect for cultures, faiths and beliefs. These differences allow us to approach problems with different appreciations always achieving a better solution.
– Aniprotein has a plan to help its employees. Gives them time to be better prepared. Moreover, we care about the families and their education.

Work and Support to Entrepreneurship

– We believe that supporting our people’s ideas is a way of thanking and encourage them to become in great businesses. This is undoubtedly a clear way of reciprocity with communities.